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Reign vs Bang vs Monster Energy

So a battle has been brewing for quite some time dealing with some of the top energy drink makers in the industry. Monster Energy used to pretty much dominate all the areas of delicious energy for all you non-coffee drinkers out there. I personally don't drink coffee, and used to drink Monster, but then of course switched to Bang, among other energy drinks on the market. Now Bang has begun to take over the market from them due to all the different flavors and the extra caffeine and creatine.

Monster Energy Reign

But now Monster Energy has entered the market with their Reign energy drink and Bang is not liking it. Why? Well they are filing a lawsuit against Reign for trademark infringement due to the design of the new Reign Total Body energy drinks.

Reign vs Bang

See the similarity to Bang? Same color schemes and close to the overall same design. VPX Sports’ suit claims the Reign beverage is a “knockoff brand” and that it was launched “to shamelessly copy and cause consumer confusion with VPX’s popular BANG® brand of energy drinks.” VPX is seeking monetary damages as well as injunctive relief.


So what is the difference between Reign and Bang? According to the Reign Total Body Energy Drink website, "Blended with BCAAs, Natural Caffeine, CoQ10, and electrolytes, Reign Total Body Fuel is designed for your active lifestyle. Offering zero sugar, zero calories, and zero artificial flavors & colors, Reign is the ultimate fitness-focused beverage to support your performance needs." 


  • Bang 300mg
  • Reign 300mg

Amino Acids

  • Bang Yes
  • Reign Yes

The flavors are different as well. VPX Bang has a ton of flavors and Reign is launching with six different flavors:

  • Lemon
  • Melon
  • Sour Apple
  • Carnival Candy
  • Razzle Berry
  • Peach Fizz

Now I haven't seen the actual drink in person yet, so I would like to take a look at all the ingredients, but looks pretty similar. But then again, a lot of other industries have this same type of competition. Would love to get a picture of the back of each can to see the true differences between these two energy drinks.


Right now it is going to be up to the courts on what happens with this lawsuit. It was just brought to light, so it could be some time before we get a decision. I am not a lawyer, so it's going to be interesting to sit back and watch. I personally plan on trying the Reign energy drink if it makes it to market. Why? Because I like energy drinks and love to switch it up. If any of you get your hands on these drinks, please shoot me a picture and I will throw it up on our social media pages!

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