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Miami Cola BANG! Energy Drink is the New Flavor

VPX has been hinting about the next flavor they were releasing and they have finally came out an announced it. We saw hints about it being Miami based (looks like Miami Vice) and the color scheme was right on par with that Miami type of feel. Well it was finally revealed today that the new flavor is Miami Cola!!!


Now I was hoping for this flavor for awhile. I enjoyed the Hyde and the Merica Labz cola energy drinks, so I am extra excited to try this one out as well. Now I am not sure if it is going to have some sort of Miami flare to it...or be that classic cola taste that we all know.

Now if you get a chance to try this new flavor, please let me know how it tastes and where you got it! I believe the only place to get it right now at VPX, you can buy it here. I am thinking about it, but I don't like to buy a case of anything before knowing how it tastes. I made that mistake with that rainbow unicorn flavor. Never again!


Like all the other BANG energy drinks, you are going to see all the same ingredients. And most importantly, it will still have the 300mg of caffeine to keep you going throughout the day. There should be nothing else different with the Miami Cola besides the flavor.

Well again...let me know how it tastes and comment below when you get to try it!

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