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IronMag Labs Ephedra Stack

I am not sure the last time we wrote a blog post about IronMag Labs or IML as they are more recently known. They have had a great line of prohormones in the past, and now they are back out of nowhere with the Ephedra Stack product, which on the bottle they state is the old school fat burner.

Now we all know this won't be the legit and illegal ephedra ingredient, but most likely the other side of the plant. Now people love ephedra still, which is why a product like Lipodrene from Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals does so well. It works!

Now we don't know too much about this new Ephedra Stack by IML (IronMag Labs), but this is what they are telling us:

"📢#Ephedra is back! 💪After ingestion, it raises the body’s core temperature, which in turn, helps increase your #energy expenditure. 👉It’s particularly effective when combined with #caffeine."

Yep...that's from Instagram. As soon as we know more about the exact ingredients we will definitely post it here.


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