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Birthday Cake Bash BANG! Energy Drink

The new flavor is finally here from VPX Bang! Energy. And the new flavor is called Birthday Cake Bash. According to reports this was is supposed to be the best tasting Bang Energy Drink to ever be released. I am personally excited to see how this flavor tastes. Now I have eaten protein bars with this flavor, drank protein drinks, but never had a carbonated energy drink with a birthday cake type flavor.

Now even though this product was just released, supposedly it is already available on many websites and in many stores. I haven't seen the new Birthday Cake Bash flavor anywhere yet, but it's not like I have been looking. I plan on hitting up GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and Speedway tomorrow to see if anyone has it.

Now I checked the VPX website and they are still showing it as a mystery flavor, but as the reports out have shown, the flavor is Birthday Cake Bash. And this is only for the Bang! Energy drink. We have heard that this new flavor is also going to be part of the other line of drinks, including the shot, the pre-workout powder, and the new CBD drink that will be coming out later this year. Looks like VPX is going all out with this flavor, which makes me very excited to try it out.

Mystery Flavor Bang

If anyone reading this has tried this new flavor, please, please...let me know where you got it, if you can send me one, but yes, tell us how this new birthday cake flavor actually tastes!!!

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