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IronMag Labs Ephedra Stack

I am not sure the last time we wrote a blog post about IronMag Labs or IML as they are more recently known. They have...

Blackstone Labs CarniTrim Has Been Released!

Now this really caught us off guard, but Blackstone Labs secretly introduced a new product called CarniTrim. Now befo...

Birthday Cake Bash BANG! Energy Drink

The new flavor is finally here from VPX Bang! Energy. And the new flavor is called Birthday Cake Bash. According to r...

Allmax Nutrition Collagen

Hey everyone! Now this is more of a product for the ladies, though I do know that guys take this as well, but Allmax ...

Reign vs Bang vs Monster Energy

So a battle has been brewing for quite some time dealing with some of the top energy drink makers in the industry. Mo...

Blackstone Arson: You & Your Girl Are LIT-AF!

Learn about the latest fat burner from Blackstone Labs.
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